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Glaucoma Screening in Philadelphia

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Ophthalmologist in Philadelphia

Glaucoma screening in Philadelphia
Glaucoma screening in Philadelphia

No matter what your age, medical history, or heredity, anyone can contract glaucoma, a common eye disease. More important, as is the case with many typical eye conditions, there are no clear indications to alert you that you have it until it has progressed to an advanced stage. In order to catch it early enough to avoid damage to your eye or vision loss, you need to come in for our glaucoma screening in Philadelphia. Here at IC Laser Care, our ophthalmologist will do testing so that any signs of early glaucoma will be detected and the appropriate treatment option identified.

Glaucoma occurs when there is an imbalance between the amount of fluid your eyes create and the amount that drains out. This buildup causes an increase in your internal eye pressure, and that can become, over time, dangerous. Your optic nerves can be affected and vision loss may also be experienced. The first and most important test of our glaucoma screening in Philadelphia is called tonometry. It measures your level of internal eye pressure, a key indicator of the presence of the disease. Other tests include gauging your peripheral vision and taking photos of your optic nerve, if required to reach a conclusive diagnosis. Treatments for glaucoma are dependent on the severity. For example, in mild to moderate cases in which there is no damage to your optic nerve, special eye drops that are designed to reduce the production of eye fluid are often sufficient. Other methods for correcting the fluid imbalance are laser surgery to increase the efficiency of your eyes to drain fluid, and microsurgery for creating a new channel for the fluid to drain from. If our glaucoma screening in Philadelphia reveals damage to your eyes, our ophthalmologist will discuss the best way to address that.

It’s wise to be tested for glaucoma screening in Philadelphia once every year. It’s the best way to ensure that this disease is not likely to cause you any serious consequences. Call us and schedule yours.

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