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Cataracts surgery in Philadelphia

Philadelphia eye doctor
Philadelphia eye doctor

Routine eye care is absolutely essential, especially if you happen to be at risk for a particular disease or condition. This is true for many different things, including cataracts. Anyone made of all cataracts, through individuals with diabetes, a family medical history of the condition, senior citizens, as well as people who have suffered from damage to their eyes in the past are more likely to experience cataracts in their lifetime. Here at IC Laser Eye Care, our Philadelphia eye doctor can provide you with comprehensive cataract care as well as with cataracts surgery if you require it.

Cataracts develop gradually, and over time, they can seriously interfere with the quality of your eyesight. As cataracts become thicker, they become more difficult to see through. It may appear as if you are looking through a clouded glass or a foggy window, and advanced cataracts can actually cause blindness to a degree. Severe cataracts can impair your vision to the point of blindness, but with surgery you can restore your sight. Early stages of cataracts are treated with prescription lenses, and the condition does not differ much from increased nearsightedness. But nearsightedness does not cause blindness. Once cataracts become severely thick, they are impossible to see through, but they can be removed and your lenses can be replaced. Here at IC Laser Eye Care, our Philadelphia eye doctor can assess your condition and make sure you get the care you need.

Your condition can be tracked but we can also make sure that you are on the right track for surgery when it is needed as well. Or Philadelphia eye doctor is here to work with you the whole way and make sure that you are given the treatment you need at every stage. Call us here at IC Laser Eye Care to schedule an appointment for cataract testing, treatment or surgery.

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