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LASIK surgeon in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Ophthalmologist
Philadelphia Ophthalmologist

Clear, keen eyesight is something that everybody wants, unfortunately, most people need a little help achieving perfect vision at some point in their lives. This is where our Philadelphia ophthalmologist can help. The doctors at our IC Laser Eye Care practice specialize in helping our patients see optimally by providing vision correction. Our doctors also use our state-of-the-art facilities to detect and treat serious eye disorders and diseases, such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and many others that can cause vision loss and even blindness if left untreated. An ophthalmology practice has medical specialists who are experts at treating eye conditions through vision correction, medication, retraining of the eyes for certain conditions as well as the latest techniques of both traditional and laser surgery.

When it comes to vision correction our Philadelphia ophthalmologist has several different approaches to help our patients see clearly. The choice of which treatment approach to take depends on the degree of correction needed, the cause of the vision deficit and the preference of the patient. The most common vision correction is eyeglasses, which can be successfully used for most forms of vision correction. Contact lenses are also extremely popular. Refractory surgery is a rapidly growing form of vision correction for almost all patients. Refractory surgery uses lasers to change the shape of the cornea, which is the part of the eye towards the front that refracts light and gives the eye most of its optical power. LASIK (laser intrastromal keratomileusis) is the most popular of the refractory procedures, although there are several others available that our doctors can use depending on each individual patient’s needs.

During a LASIK procedure our Philadelphia ophthalmologist applies a topical anesthetic to the eye and once the eye is numb cuts a thin protective corneal flap using tiny surgical instruments. Then a computer guided excimer laser beam will shave off tissue from the bed of the cornea, precisely reshaping it. There is minimal scaring with the procedure. Then the flap is placed back in position and allowed to heal. The patient can resume normal activities the next day. LASIK greatly reduces the need for glasses or contact lenses and the majority of patients can see perfectly clearly without either of these vision corrections, especially for distance sight. If you’d like to see clearly without eyeglasses or contact lenses make an appointment with our office to discuss your options with one of our doctors.

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